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Interviewing a nanny by Tatadam

How to interview a nanny? Most expat parents, sooner or later find themselves in need of a nanny. As soon as they need one, many questions appear in their heads: how to find a nanny, how much to pay, how to make the contract legal. Sounds familiar? All...

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Geocaching – game on!

I have finally found it! My first cache, and with it, my new favourite thing to do! Drum roll! Ladies and Gentlemen, geocaching in Geneva is a must activity whole year round! Geocaching is a mind blowing worldwide treasure hunt available 24/7. Remember...

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TotUp – a private crèche that has it all

A private creche that costs less than a nanny, that provides food, formula, and nappies. A creche that is opened long enough to let you not worry about that last minute meeting at work, or traffic jams. It is not a dream. It is a reality in Grand Lancy,...

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Think Out Of The Box at least once per month

I have met many parents looking for new, creative ways to spend time with their kids. Almost everybody agrees days with kids are easier when we go outside: to the park, to a museum, by the lake. It’s the time when for some reason we have to, or want to...

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Geneva Child Care System

No matter if you’re new to Geneva or have lived here for several years, when you start looking at childcare system it can give you a headache. It certainly gave me one or two while preparing to write this guide. With a help of glass of wine here and there,...

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5 short spring breaks from Geneva by Let’s Explore

Geneva is ideally located for a mini-vacation! Short trips in Switzerland itself, trips to France or Italy - are all within few hours drive! I'm happy to tell you that Laura from Let's Explore agreed to share her picks for 5 short spring breaks from Geneva...

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